Vision Statement

Gema Camacho is a digital photographer who captivates the viewer through her use of lighting and subtle story telling.   She looks at relationships between subjects such as humans and dogs, and musicians and their instruments.  She explores these relationships and shares them with the world through her photography.

Gema focuses on a variety of different areas.  Her portfolio includes portraits, dog portraits, and still life and showcases her diversity in photography.  Her aesthetic in lighting and composition is the unifying element in her photography.

Her strengths lie in her careful planning, and experimentation.  She follows the philosophy that a photographer should never stop learning and experimenting.  Therefore, she is constantly experimenting with light and ideas to create whimsical and impressive photography.


Gema Camacho was formally introduced to photography during her college years when she took the only photography class offered at her college. She was studying engineering at the time but always made time for extra art classes. She obtained a masters degree in engineering but rediscovered her passion for photography when she decided to take a few classes at the Art Institute of Dallas. She realized that photography was an integral part of her and the time had come to pursue her artistic passion and talent.

Gema graduated from the Art Institute of Dallas with the award of Best Portfolio. She is a member of several photography communities including American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP), and Dallas Professional Photographers Association (DPPA). Gema’s work was chosen from several entries to participate in the ASMP student exhibition which was showed in a local gallery located in downtown Dallas. She is currently working as a photographer for Mary Kay.

Gema Camacho specializes in portraits, animal portraits, and still life. Her use of lighting draws the viewer into the photograph to experience the subject as if for the first time.