If you haven’t met my dog Fanta yet, here is another portrait of her. (See her studio portraits in “Dogs”). Fanta is a Brittany mix and was adopted from NBRAN. If you are looking for a sweet dog, you can never go wrong with a Brittany. She has become a great model. She has fun hiking to locations and practicing her sits and stays. She did a great job of staying especially with so many other dogs and people walking around on the trail in front of her. She watched them closely but stayed true to the model inside her. I loved her lioness pose on the rock and the way she enjoyed the breeze among the flowers. Needless to say I love photographing her on our adventures as well as capturing her personality in studio and on location.

  1. Ivan reply

    Fanta is awesome! I am glad that carrying all the equipment to the location is worth it. I really like this photo.

  2. Jeremy reply

    The Behind The Scenes was nothing but fun to film. The interaction, the sounds of getting Fanta’s attention was hilarious and seeing her pay attention to you when so many people were around, with so much going on was a testament to how much you had time invested with her even after only a month.

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